A bit OT - Urban Myths?

Peter McGarvey fbsd-x at packet.org.uk
Wed Jul 16 14:00:44 BST 2003

* Mark Murray <mark at grondar.org> [2003-07-16 13:49:39 BST]:
> Peter McGarvey writes:
> > That made me laugh.
> Me three!
> > Have you ever tried to explain the differance between the web and the
> > internet?
> Yup. I've also tried to get helpdesk people to log errors properly.
> Years ago at a Big University in another country, there was an
> unwinnable battle with the phone-monkeys. They insisted that "user
> cannot access data" was sufficient as a problem report. My list of
> interpretations for this particular "problem" had 600 distinct
> choices, and it was by no means comprehensive.

Yeah, Uni's do seem to attract braindead morons.  One place I worked I
got a call from the Academic Registrar insisting I drop everything and
assist his staff in fixing a phone problem.  So I go tearing up the the
Registry to sort the problem.

Only to discover the major problem was a phone with a ringer that, in
their words, "sounds a bit lethargic".

> Most amusing of all to .UKians, is that in .ZA, a 3 1/2 inch floppy
> is called a "stiffy".

Aye.  That's been amusing me for years.


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