A bit OT - Urban Myths?

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Wed Jul 16 12:25:27 BST 2003

> Have you ever tried to explain the differance between the web and the
> internet?

yes, many times. explaining the difference between usenet and internet
is harder though.

> Infact have you ever tried to explain to someone why "an internet
> address" (URL to you and me) doesn't need a "www" prefix?

oh god, yes, again many times. argh!

> least she's started using the verbal shorthand "dub-dub-dub" instead of

"dub dub dub" ?! never heard that before, where did she pick that up ?

> But best of all is the belief that all problems are because:
>     "it's got a virus"


BTW, can anyone recommend a FreeBSD virus scanner ? I switched to IMAP
on alocal server, but my g/f access her mail on a windows box.  Norton AV
will scan incomming POP3 messages but doesnt touch IMAP ones. She does have
a habit of catching virii sadly.


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