Asus AP160R-S & LSI MegaRAID320-1: RAID monitor?

Serge -Intraforum- serge at
Mon Jul 14 13:49:11 BST 2003

Hi there,

Asus AP160R-S & LSI MegaRAID320-1: OS-level RAID monitor?

I wonder if anyone can help:

I've got "Asus AP160R-S" server (NR-LSR proprietary m/board)

and LSI MegaRAID320-1 SCSI RAID controller (amr driver)

(I had a problem with this card before - I was unable to boot
FreeBSD 4.8 from RAID5 array,  but now after upgrading BIOS &
firmware on both m/board & RAID controller it's OK)

Just one issue really:

There's no OS-level support for MegaRAID320-1 under FreeBSD
(RAID array monitor) - there is OS-level monitor for Linux,
but it is not FreeBSD compatible (only works with driver for

Is there any way to keep an eye on RAID array status remotely
via some interaction with amr driver? .. or maybe there's some
compatible OS-level monitor available for re-badged LSI RAID

Please advise.



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