Changed ISP now can't get to websites / traceroute

John Murphy jfm at
Tue Jul 8 01:35:56 BST 2003

"Edmund Craske" <edmund at> wrote:

>Argh! I'm always the last to put it down to the dreaded i word, but...



>> >Really pisses me off this.., I'm quite fond of the FreeBSDforums
>> >site, one of the best *bsd-related forum site I've come across..,=20
>> >too.
>> I can't get to either!
>Sorry but.., AT LAST!!!!!! I'm not going crazy.., and it might be that
>there's some sanity to what Zen is telling me?
>> The temporary fix for me is to use the ISP's web-cache :(
>No such option for me :-(

You may be able to find a web proxy you can use.  You could even try
blueyonder's at (port 3128 or 8080) but
I've no idea if it works for outsiders.

<snipped the traceroute>

>Note here that you don't appear to actually *get* to freebsdforums' IP:
>>From nslookup for :
>Non-authoritative answer:

Yes, just can't get there directly but going via the cache the routers
only see the IP of the cache so the packets flow un-filtered.

>I'm trying to force Zen to increase their efforts in doing whatever
>they're able to do for me, but its a nightmare getting through to tech
>support to even begin that process..,=20

One thing I'll say for blueyonder is that their internal support =
are just great for reporting problems and they seem to be trying _very_
hard (aided by RIPE) to get these routes sorted.  They'll have another
route to add to the list tomorrow :)

>For now, I'm trying to google around for what I might need to do in
>order that I can get traceroute to work for my *nix boxes here..,=20

If you're using a recent version (4.8 or greater) try traceroute -P ICMP
sometimes seems to work where other protocols fail.

>Thanks again for that..,

Glad to have helped...


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