A bit OT - Urban Myths?

cb ecliptica.ww at virgin.net
Sun Jul 6 11:21:31 BST 2003


I'm due to present a paper later this month at an international teachers
conference with the title "Open Source Software - A Bridge Across the
Digital Divide?" which will include some FreeBSD advocacy.

In considering some of MS Windows shortcomings, there are a couple of
supposed pronouncements by Bill Gates from many years ago I would like to
reference, the gist of each being as follows:
1. That there is no reason why any personal computer would ever need more
tha a megabyte of RAM; [maybe around 1985]
2. That the internet was a passing fad or a flash in the pan which would
never amount to anything. [maybe around 1993]

Can anybody confirm that he ever said or wrote anything similar to either of
the above, if possible with a reference --  or have I simply collected up a
couple of urban myths?

Many thanks for any help
Charles Brewster

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