Problems building 4.8 Kernel

Julian Rawcliffe jujuberry at
Tue Jul 1 20:41:17 BST 2003

I'm running 4.7-RELEASE-p4 and want to move onto 4.8. I got to
4.7 via cvsup and building a kernel on 4.6.
I have cvsup'd all sources but now cannot build a new kernel.
After numerous errors about unsupported options: NFS, MFS, UCONSOLE -
which I bypass by commetning out, when I then run config, I get...
# /usr/sbin/config JACOB
=2E./../conf/files: coda/coda_fbsd.c must be optional, mandatory or stand=
Your version of config(8) is out of sync with your kernel source.

Is there an easy way out of this?=20

Julian Rawcliffe

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