Gavin Reade readey at
Thu Jan 30 00:25:14 GMT 2003

I had to write since there seems to be a flame war going on and I wanted
to add my two bits worth.

I don't know much about .NET and I certainly can't comment to the degree
that others have on this subject.

I would however like to chuck these thoughts into the pot;

Microsoft employs BSD developers because it deosn't like (or rather
completely detests) the GNU FSF licence.

The reason that MS has embraced BSD *nix is because a) it runs it's
servers with BSD and b) it's not Linux.

MS does not like the GNU licence, and prefers the BSD licence because
there is no compulsion to release the sofware code.  MS realises that it
must get into the *nix market or else it will suffer too much
competition - hence the BSD angle.

As for having a solution that integrates seemlessly with all sorts of
other software technologies I have to concurr with previous arguments.
In the *nix world there are all sorts of software solutions available
that are capable of "talking" to each other, because that's what *nix is
all about.

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