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Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Wed Jan 29 10:19:47 GMT 2003

Terry wrote:

> Stop for a moment...step back...ignore the hype...think over this
> again...and
> now think of what you said above...

I'll retract the "ridiculous and ancient" line, but if .NET wasn't coming
over to FBSD, FBSD would not be found in any corporate data centres in 10
years time. It's not .NET is just "another language", it's another
archeitecture, and trust me, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than the
PHP/Perl/Python methods we currently use. Those methods are great for
smallish projects (say 2 man/years - please don't tell me that they are
mythical, I know), but I have to manage a project now where there is
something like 4 man/years development to be completed by 1st July, and the
development team is not particularly on-the-ball at the moment. Not one line
of code is written.

Ask yourself - do the technologies Unix currently offers realistically allow
for a low TCO, low maintenance, rapid development within that timescale?
I've done the maths, and the answer, quite simply, is "no". And that, I can
assure you, is frustrating.

So, the current plan is to roll out a .NET framework on XP.NET which we will
probably have live earlier than July 1st. We'll then wait for Ximian to get
Mono polished off, maybe even get involved in testing and improving the
ASP.NET parts of it all, and then move over to FBSD with Mono. I end up with
a decent OS running a decent architecture, and to boot, I came in on budget
and on time.

It's all very well saying "M$ is evil", but in the real world, they've
produced a decent setup and right now, I'm glad they're around. I'm even
happier that I get to drop the bits I don't like (their OS) sometime over
the next year.

Paul Robinson

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