.NET for freebsd

Gabriel Veneat gabi at dogmatix.org
Wed Jan 29 09:56:02 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 02:14, Dimitris wrote:
> I'd prefer to deposit my money with a 'unix bank' than an 'M$ bank', or fly in
> a unix powered airplane than an M$ powered airplane.
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and how to tell that ?
they do not place stickers like : "sun inside!" or "MSSQL free bank"
so what you prefer is not very likely to be what you use.
Not to mention if you try to live by the preferences and start asking
banks and companies what servers and databases they use you could end
talking to the police.
UNIX is not really ancient
Microsoft .NET is not necessarily the future.
not all microsoft products are bad : Mice, Keyboards, Age of Empires and
why not Visual Studio.
maybe .NET is a good thing , and if they wanted to run on BSD is great.
When the .net-minded IT managers will want to .net-ize your work
environment  FreeBSD will be able to stay.

sorry for getting that much out of the topic


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