.NET for freebsd

Paul Richards paul at freebsd-services.com
Tue Jan 28 14:06:21 GMT 2003

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 02:55:44PM +0200, Gabriel Veneat wrote:
> actually bsd was the only nonwindows platform Microsoft offered their 
> shared source Common Language Infrastructure,project known as "Rotor"
> sort of 
> "we do share...see ???!?! but not with the penguin guys"

The Microsoft guys who are writing the CLR were at BSDCon in 2001. The
impression they gave me was that they're basically good old fashioned
hackers and FreeBSD is the OS they hack on so the FreeBSD version of the
code exists because that's were they're doing the development work.
Windows is the only other OS it's been ported to :-)


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