.NET for freebsd

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Tue Jan 28 12:57:41 GMT 2003

> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003 11:57:44 -0000 "Robin Garbutt"
> <rob at portfoliodesign.net> wrote:
> > is the .NET framework widely available for freebsd yet?  If so,
> where could
> > I get it from?
> .NET for freebsd? jesus... the world is comming to an end...

As much as I hate their OSes and their business strategy, Microsoft has
produced a blinder with .NET - it quite frankly, kicks arse. It's the best
framework for application development I've ever seen. You can write you code
in C# and I can write mine in ASP.NET and they will transparently be able to
talk to each other, share objects, methods, the whole shebang. Microsoft
have stated they will permit porting over to FreeBSD, and I think there are
rumours of official support further down the line, but they aren't taking it
to any other Unix.

I would honestly reccomend looking into it. It makes everything we have over
in unix land look positively ridiculous and ancient. It certainly makes a
laughing stock out of many J2EE vendor offerings.

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