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Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Tue Jan 28 12:48:24 GMT 2003

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> is the .NET framework widely available for freebsd yet?  If so,
> where could
> I get it from?

Funnily enough, I've been working on the same question myself for a week or
so now. The short answer is "it depends". If you want Web based ASP.NET
funkyness, you need to check out Ximian's Mono project. It's almost
complete, but I wouldn't use it for production just yet unless you're brave.

Other projects that you need to consider, are Rotor (from Corel) and
Portable .NET which is an FSF project. A good overview can be found at:

http://www.devx.com/devx/article/9725 - only tested the javascript setup
they use to order the questions (you'll see what I mean0 in IE, but the
sanitised print-friendly version should be OK.

I reccomend reading it start to finish for every answer. There are some
interesting things in there. Incidentally, from those pictures, don't you
think it's strange that they send David Stutz to all the Linux, O'Reilley
and associated Open source conventions? Do they think his beard will hide
his evil empire intentions? :-)

Hope that's been of some help. I'd be interested to hear any feedback you
have on any .NET stuff you play with - we're looking at using it here for a
large project, and I would like to throw away my Win2K boxes.

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