Ethernet cards/ADSL ... an often asked question perhaps

John Sigsworth Glover jsglover at
Wed Jan 22 11:34:27 GMT 2003


I am a returner to the BSD fold after an absence of far too many years.

What is the current state of play and recommendations for a PCI Ethernet
card. I am investigating ADSL for home and considering a router approach,
say a Netgear RP614, enabling me to hook up the company laptop on a need
basis and tunnel into the office, in addition to having the BSD box
connected. Oh yes, running R4.7

I need to resolve the line test from BT, indications are that I will not be
getting the best of connection speeds.

Anyway, whether I contribute or lurk on this list remains to be seen, I
often do not have much to say.

jsglover at
Angmering, West Sussex.

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