Remonnedations for server drives ?

Mark Valentine mark at
Wed Jan 22 10:11:42 GMT 2003

> From: pete at (Pete French)
> Date: Tue 21 Jan, 2003
> Subject: Remonnedations for server drives ?

> Hmm, I have come slightly unstuck in that I just purchased a box to make a new
> FreeBSD server and have discovered its only got 2 slots - one for video, one
> for ether. leaving me no space for a SCSI controller.
> Hence I am going to be forced to use an IDE drive.

My remonnedation (sic) would be to swap the video card with a SCSI controller,
if your BIOS allows you to disable errors on missing VGA, and use a serial

To modify a kern.flp boot floppy to boot with a serial console if no keyboard
is detected:

    # mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
    echo -P >/mnt/boot.config
    # umount /mnt

Be sure to edit /etc/ttys during installation to enable getty on /dev/ttyd0
so you have a way of logging in on first boot...



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