Remonnedations for server drives ?

Pete French pete at
Tue Jan 21 21:17:38 GMT 2003

Hmm, I have come slightly unstuck in that I just purchased a box to make a new
FreeBSD server and have discovered its only got 2 slots - one for video, one
for ether. leaving me no space for a SCSI controller.

Hence I am going to be forced to use an IDE drive.

I was wondering if people had any recommendations for drives which are very
fast and reliable and work well with FreeBSD 4.7 ? I know to steer clear
of the Fujitsu's, but other than that I have no clue. What sort iof RPM
and access times are avaialble on IDE these days ? Which one suppor t tagged
commands and write caheing properly ? Judging from disuccions I have seen on
-STABLE in the past it seems a lot of them (most ?) are horribly broken in
this respect.

Any hints/tips would be most appreciated,



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