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Sam Pikesley samdavidpikesley at
Tue Jan 21 10:55:18 GMT 2003

This started happening to me a while ago. No logs, no
sign that anything was amiss, just BANG, the machine
blew up. I came to the conclusion that it was a
hardware thing. I tried a few things including
changing the VGA card, changing the network card,
changing the SCSI card etc., it was still happening. I
eventually tracked it down to some dodgy RAM, acquired
some more (SysAdmin privileges, the users never
noticed ;), and all has been well ever since. 

Just my 2 Cents


--- Mark Stewart <Mark.Stewart at> wrote: > 
> I have been using FreeBSD for two years now and have
> never experienced a hung machine. (not even ssh
> access)
> I powered down using the off switch :( Everthing is
> working again but my logs give me no reason for the
> failure. I am primarily checking my email logs and
> messages log. 
> Can anyone suggest anything else ?
> mark
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