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Tue Jan 21 01:09:28 GMT 2003

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Barry Freshwater wrote:

>FreeBSD/W95 PPPoE <-> router <-> PPPoA ISP
>Is my interpretation of how this works correct? or is it the only way
>you can connect to these services is by using the Speedtouch USB modem
>and the pppoa port as stated in the handbook.

Not in the UK - we don't use PPPoE (yet)  It is actually a little easier:

FreeBSD/W95 Ethernet <--> NAT router <--> PPPoA ISP

i.e. you have a regular Ethernet IP network on the "inside" and the router
performs NAT to the ADSL network.  No PPPoE needed.

This is assuming you have the typical home-user ADSL service with one IP
address assigned from the network as part of the automatic PPP

One of my favourite routers for this job is the Netgear DG814 (around
=A3120) but there are plenty to choose from.

>If you can use a router is it very difficult to set up?

Not at all.  There are very few parameters and most routers have a simple
menu system with most parameters automatically set.

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