Barry Freshwater barryf at
Mon Jan 20 23:39:55 GMT 2003

I am looking to change from a dial up connection to a wires only ADSL
service i.e. Demon Internet's Express Solo. I use both FreeBSD stable
and w95 on my home box and know next to nothing about networking. As
these services at this level support PPPoA can I connect my box via a
router (Speedtouch 510, supporting any O/S) to such a service.

FreeBSD/W95 PPPoE <-> router <-> PPPoA ISP

Is my interpretation of how this works correct? or is it the only way
you can connect to these services is by using the Speedtouch USB modem
and the pppoa port as stated in the handbook.

If you can use a router is it very difficult to set up?

Many thanks

Barry Freshwater

PS sorry for any double posting

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