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Chris Whitehouse chris at
Mon Jan 20 21:35:51 GMT 2003

hello all

Social Software is a group of people organising a conference based around Open Source or Free Software for late 2003 - early 2004. We are organising a pre-
conference event to be held fairly soon, currently some time in April. The pre-conference would most likely be held in London. The aim of the pre-conference is to 
establish and develop topics for the main conference.

As usual in the OSS/FS arena there is plenty of focus on Linux so we would like to see some balancing interest from BSDers, either in directly software related 
areas or in the more general ethical and practical areas.

We have a web site at The web site is still being developed but there is a mission statement and a link at the bottom to the social 
software mailing list which people are welcome to join.

We would very much like to hear from people who would like to be involved. Areas of interest to be covered by the conference are listed on the web site with more at 
the bottom of this email, but of course further 
suggestions are welcome. The actual selection for the conference will depend on expressions of interest.

If you would like to get involved, make suggestions or ask questions, join the list and say hello.


Chris Whitehouse

Topics for Life in the Open conference

Tools for Collaboration
CM systems, Wiki, Zope etc.

Data Confidentiality
data protection, cryptography, network security and how to ensure secure
communication with solicitors/legal advisors.

Access and Empowerment
looking at use of OS with older technology e.g 486s as thin client

Software Development
Exploring OS alternatives for proprietary packages dominating the vol
sector e.g Raiser's edge and Visual Alms fundraising packages.
Potential for 'OS shareware' development.

Support and Strategy
Circuit riders/e-riders approaches
Following up on research by LASA ( showing big gaps in IT Strategy in Voluntary sector

Wireless Networks
802.11b initiatives etc.

Open Desktops
Viability and proven implementation (NetProject and West Yorks Police)

Spreading the word
Creating a logo
Creating wider publicity for the Conference
Raising a media profile in the longer term

Making a living
Practicalities,ethics, economics and potential earnings from promoting,
supporting and developing Social Software.

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