FreeBSD 5.0

Paul Richards paul at
Mon Jan 20 17:11:50 GMT 2003

FreeBSD Services is producing a 5.0 distribution.

It's a 3 disk set, 2 x DVD9 and 1 x CD. The details are on the

but to summarise, the first DVD is an install/fixit DVD with
virtually all the pre-built binary packages on it, the second DVD
has virtually all the source distfiles. There will also be a separate
install/fixit CD. It will only include i386 binaries this time
around.  It will also include the FreeBSD email archive, cvs repo
as well as the Open/NetBSD repos and the archive of earlier BSD
releases back to 3BSD.

New with this release is the AutoBuy feature. This is like the
subscriptions that other companies have done but we've called it
"AutoBuy" because that's what it is really and we may do some true
subscription services at a later date. If you select the AutoBuy
product then you'll automatically have an order placed for future
releases as they happen.

The AutoBuy product is just 25 + vat (shipping is free). The full
price for just 5.0 is 40 + vat.

Obviously I reckon this is the most comprehensive and best value
for money FreeBSD distribution there is :-)

Paul Richards
FreeBSD Services Ltd.

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