Dial-in authentication-ppp-samba

Keith France keith at fcomsrv.co.uk
Mon Jan 20 16:07:46 GMT 2003


Has anyone on this list had trouble getting dial-in domain authentication 
using samba as a PDC?

The problem I have is this -

Upgraded to FreeBSD 4.7-release (clean re-install)
installed Samba 2.2.6.p2_1 configured to run as a PDC on the dial-in server
Using PPP in userland as normal for dial-in access
locally networked Win boxes including XP authenticate with samba as 
expected and work ok
my dial-in connection does ppp authentication ok and ping, telnet etc works 
ok (win98/me laptops)
any attempt to do a "domain" login to the samba PDC from the dial-in 
connection fails - reports unable to locate domain server.

Samba's logs show no knowledge of the dial-in computer's attempts at 
authorizing onto the domain
It seems that samba is ignoring requests from the dial-in link or is just 
not getting them.

Ifconfig shows the Tun device being up, pointtopoint and multicast (but not 
Broadcast???, but then it is a point to point link!) with the correct ip 
addresses allocated.

Any thoughts, advice as to where the problem may be would be appreciated.

I have looked in the searchable samba archives but to no avail......



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