PROC table and forking processes

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Mon Jan 20 13:34:39 GMT 2003

thanks - by default the sysctl is read only - think I may have to compile a=
 new kernel? :(

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> Hi - I read a while ago you can start freebsd without mounting proc as > =
it is not needed ????

sure, it can work without mounting /proc, i have no idea why it`s mounted b=
y default. anyways...

> Anyways my log files are telling me "/kernel: proc: table is full" and I =
cannot fork processes :(
> Can I extend this table somehow ?

yeah use 'sysctl kern | grep proc' to see all the options  or 'sysctl -w ke=
rn.maxproc=3D%value' to enlarge it (mine si 4068, by default i suppose).




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