FreeBSD-UK website

Phil Pereira freeserver at
Sat Jan 18 13:04:36 GMT 2003


I know the website is a topic which has been thrown up in the past, but nothing appears to have been done about it; HOWEVER - I want to!

Ok, I've done a few websites before:  (make sure you are in the "test" folder)

I'm self taught, and am trying to learn Perl also (although I know there are a few Perl-mongers here).

So, if nobody has any objections, and assuming you're happy for me to do so, I want to know, from you:

(1) What should the site theme be? Promote FreeBSD? Promote the London Group?
(2) What you think the website should contain?
(3) What should be avoided?
(4) Why? It's pointless to say "it's good/crap" unless you explain why so something appropriate can be done about it!

I look forward to all the ideas thrown around - and I wont be offended, much! :)

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