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Wed Jan 15 23:40:13 GMT 2003

Welcome to the London Community News.
Details are for the month of January 2003.

After a long hiatus the LCN is back, starting from February the LCN will
be a monthly(ish) email detailing the who, where and when of local user
groups and other relevant events. An online version of the current LCN
can be found at as soon as i actually put it up.

This month Thursday the 16th seems to be the hot spot with Lonix, the
FreeBSD user group and a UKUUG talk on IPV6 happening at the same time.

The User Groups:


The FreeBSD UKUG is a users' group based in the UK for UK FreeBSD
UNIX Users. This months meeting is being held on Thursday 16th
January at the Star Tavern in Belgravia, London. Details are in
the mailing list at:

A map can be found here:,_SW1X_8HT


Home Page:
Meeting Page:
Meeting Time: Saturday 18th January 2003, between 12noon and 5pm.

Greater London Linux User Group's (GLLUG) purpose is to bring together
London's Linux users so they can share experiences and expertise (or
revel in their inexperience and quest for expertise), to chat about the
state of the (Linux) world, that sort of thing.

We try to arrange meets so that there is space for users to set up
their equipment, so you are welcome to bring your kit along, either to
go through the problems you are having or just to show off what you are
up to.

There are no formalities to attending a GLLUG meeting, no subscription
or entry fees, you can just turn up on the day. We welcome and encourage
new and inexperienced users, young and old.

This months GLLUG has talks on: Security Enhanced Linux by Russell Coker
MySQL by's very own Carsten H. Pederson

GLLUG meetings are now happening a lot more often thanks to the
organisation of the GLLUG Kabel and the very kind Westminster University
who have provided us with a home for the last few meetings. Facilities
available include the large lecture theater, the network lab for both help
installing systems and interactive demos and the multimedia room which
can be used for users kit and has a handy supply of monitors keyboards
and mice, saving you the fun of lugging them through London on a Saturday.

We are fortunate this month to also have Josette from O'Reilly on site
selling books and John Winters from The Linux Emporium with box sets
and CDs. Due to FOSDEM in February and the number of GLLUG members that
attend this may be the last meeting before March/April so come along
and join the fun.



A user group for the Free, Open and NetBSD communities.

A group of individuals who share an interest in Net, Free and Open BSD's.
We meet monthly for a few beers and to chat, share opinions, tales of
battle with lusers etc...

I have no details about the meeting this month and the server is putting
out 403's. If anyone has any information as to if this group still exists
can you drop me a note.


London Perl Mongers
Home Page:

London PM are a group who are dedicated to the encouragement of all
things Perl-like in London. Since the last LCN Paul Mison has finished his
successful stint as head cat herder and a new victim has been nominated,
Mark Fowler of the Perl Advent Calendar fame.

There are two meetings this month, a social and a technical, on the 9th
and 23rd respectively. Maps and details of the public transport available
to the venue can both be found on the meetings page given above. Just
ignore the orange borders.


Home Page:
Contact Email: info at

The aim of Lonix is quite straightforward although it comprises of many
points. The overall aim is to unite many Linux individuals in and around
London. Below is a list of aims, but you as a member may not agree to
all of them. (Hopefully at least one!)

Meet like minded individuals to share ideas and discuss opinions.
To provide a Linux force in London to persuade the industry to opt
for a more Linux friendly approach to their services and products.
To assist users with problems, providing advice and physical help,
do Linux advocacy and drink too much.

Date Thur 16 Jan 2003
Time 6.00pm onwards
Place Los Locos - 24,26 Russell Street, WC2B 5HF
                  Nearest Tube Covent Garden

For those of you that still have working livers after the Xmas excess
details about the nights activities and a map can be found on the meeting
page (


Home Page:

SAGE-WISE is the System Administrators Guild for Wales, Ireland, Scotland
and England, hence the "-WISE" suffix. Our aim is to form a professional
association for system administrators in the UK and Ireland.

But what is a system administrator?

Professional system administrators, however, often look after large
numbers of computers and networks - they are the people who keep the
systems running, repair faulty discs, install and debug new software,
upgrade existing systems, and generally take care of the computing
resources needed for their users to perform their tasks effectively. A
shorter definition is "A system administrator is one who manages computers
not solely for his or her own use". If you know the joys and frustrations
of this then feel free to come and visit one of our meetings.

There are no SAGE-WISE meetings this month

Other Stuff:

Event Calendar:
Alasdair Kergon has continued to maintain an essential
resource for events all around the country and then some. Still an
essential stopping point.

If you have anything you'd like to get added then you can speak to him
at agk at


A seminar / mini-conference at Tate Modern, London, UK

TIMES AND DATES Saturday 1 February, 14:00 - 18:30 GMT

LOCATION Starr Auditorium, Level 2 Tate Modern Bankside, London, UK

Tickets UK£10 (UK£5 concessions) Call: +44 020 7887 8888

It is called WIRELESS CULTURES, and it explores connections between the
current use of 802.11b wireless internet networks and earlier uses of
miniFM and free radio for tactical, artistic and social purposes.

It features the input of radio artist and pioneer Tetsuo Kogawa, (Japan),
cultural theorist Micz Flor (Germany), artist and filmmaker Pete Gomes
(UK), and Simon Worthington of Mute Magazine (UK).

This half-day seminar explores the use of wireless communication in
artistic and social contexts, through presentations and comments by: -
Tetsuo Kogawa - radio pioneer (Japan) - Micz Flor - cultural theorist
(Germany) - Pete Gomes - artist and filmmaker (UK) - Simon Worthington -
co-editor and founder of Mute magazine  (UK)

Tickets £10 (£5 concessions)

Details can be found on the site closer to the event:


IPv6 & the future of the Internet in the UK at Lecture Room 1, the
Cruciform Building, University College London 16th January 2003  Doors
Open 6:15pm Lectures Start 6:45pm

For a Map of the location please see:

Afterward the lecture is a reception at the Refectory UCL by
kind sponsorship of Cisco Systems

These lectures are organised by the UK IPv6 Task Force and are free
to attend.  - Please register (see below & website

To attend please send your Name, email and Company/Affiliation to
ukipv6tfevent1 at

Outside London Events:
Site: Dates: February 8 - 9 2003

The third Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting is
a 2 days event, organized by volunteers, to promote the widespread use
of Free and Open Source software. Taking place in the beautiful city of
Brussels, Belgium FOSDEM meetings are recognized as the best Free and
Open Source events in Europe.

A number of people from GLLUG and the UKUUG are going again
this year and thanks to Alasdair we even have a mailing list:

The last two FOSDEM's have been great fun and i can heartily recommend

Community Recognition:

In this section I'd like to include people or companies that
have contributed or helped one or more of the user groups in some way.
A lot of people quietly contribute time, money or effort and get no
recognition for it. This month I'd like to thank:

Dave Cantrell
For hosting the Unixdaemon website this is going to appear upon.

Westminster University
For the three excellent and well stocked rooms
taken over by GLLUG on a frequent basis.

Santa Claus For my Stargate DVD's


Any comments (Good or bad), suggestions of groups to add or ideas
for recognition of services to London Community groups are welcome at
dean.wilson3 at If any of the user group details are incorrect
or out of date please let me know. Starting from next month the LCN will
be produced via the magic of Template Toolkit and Net::SMTP

An online version of the current LCN will be available at Real Soon Now. If you are on a group
mailing list that would be interested in the LCN and i've missed it please
let me know and I'll add it to the distribution list.

Thanks to the organizers of these events for sending me the details. Any
typos or spelling mistakes are probably mine.

Profanity is the one language all programmers understand
   --- Anon

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