Keyboard reset

adyas at adyas at
Wed Jan 15 11:11:16 GMT 2003

Hi all,

Env - FreeBSD 4.5, HP Brio, Palm Pilot Serial connection Cradle.

I have a bit of a problem with my keyboard.  If I unplug my Palm Pilot 
from com1, the keyboard's fast repeat rate setting seems to be lost. 
The only way I have found to make the machine revert to it's configured 
settings (rc.conf - keyrate="fast") is to reboot it.  I've been having 
to do this a lot recently, which is beginning to be a pain.

My question for the panel - is it possible to reset the keyboard without 
rebooting?  I suspect the root problem is hardware related which is why 
I am pursuing this as a solution.


-= alex dyas - broadcast support engineer - twowaytv - uk =-

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