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Tue Jan 14 11:08:49 GMT 2003

 --- Steve Purkis <steve at> wrote: >
Hello all
> I have a little network with a couple of BSD boxes &
> several win98 machines. It's quite easy to allow the
> win boxes to "see" file on the BSD machines using,
> say, ftp or nfs as I understand it, assuming the
> correct option is set.

You should set up Samba on the BSD machines you want
to share (it's really not that difficult to get a
simple configuration going), I'm not sure how you
mount NFS shares with Windows...

> My question is: what about accessing the win boxes
> from BSD? Is there a "quick & dirty" way to do this
> or do I need something like Samba (shakes with fear
> @ all those config files ;-)???

No, you don't actually need Samba for this. You do,
however, need a kernel with following:

options     NETSMB
options     NETSMBCRYPTO
options     SMBFS

then you need to hack /etc/nsmb.conf and add this




> Thanks & a happy new to all...
> Steve
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