Connecting to win boxes...

Peter Pimley ppimley at
Tue Jan 14 11:05:53 GMT 2003

Hey, samba's not so bad!

If you have it installed, then your Windows boxen will be able to see the
unix box as if it were just another windows machine (It can even serve as
your primary domain controller).  Also, your unix box will be able to mount
a shared drive on a windows machine just like you might do with local drives
like your CD drive.

IIRC, The samba distribution comes with a pdf of an O'Reilly book giving you
tutorials on setting it up.

I personally find samba configuration a lot more straightforward than apache

Honestly, try it, it's great.


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Hello all

I have a little network with a couple of BSD boxes & several win98 machines.
It's quite easy to allow the win boxes to "see" file on the BSD machines
using, say, ftp or nfs as I understand it, assuming the correct option is
My question is: what about accessing the win boxes from BSD? Is there a
"quick & dirty" way to do this or do I need something like Samba (shakes
with fear @ all those config files ;-)???

Thanks & a happy new to all...


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