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Peter Pimley ppimley at climax.co.uk
Mon Jan 13 11:58:57 GMT 2003

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From: Julian Rawcliffe [mailto:julian.rawcliffe at ntlworld.com]

> I despise RPMs, and I dislike the wealth of options with the Red Hat
> install.

That's what made me move from RedHat to FreeBSD in the first place.  On
RedHat, I'd quite often be in the situation where installation had given me
a version of something, and I wanted to update from a .tar.gz downloaded off
the net.   The chances of the new version going exactly over the top of the
installed one were roughly nil, and from very early on I realised it was
unwise to try uninstalling the RPMs!  I feel so much more in control when I
use the ports on FreeBSD.

I guess what I'm saying is this:  If I want a desktop system, I'll go into
ports and make myself one.  Ditto for any other use.

I hear there's now a linux distro that is doing a similar thing to the ports
system (www.gentoo.org), but I can't find a way to install it over the
internet.  That's another nice feature.


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