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Lou Kamenov lou.kamenov at aeye.net
Mon Jan 13 11:07:08 GMT 2003

In some email I received from Peter McGarvey <fbsu-x at packet.org.uk> on
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 00:07:47 +0000 :

> * Julian Rawcliffe <julian.rawcliffe at ntlworld.com> [2003-01-12
> 22:59:24 GMT]:
> > On Sunday 12 January 2003 22:06, Peter McGarvey wrote:
> > >
> > > I despise RPMs, and I dislike the wealth of options with the Red
> > > Hat install.  Last time I managed to install RH without GCC, and
> > > it took me two days to figure it out.  All the Linux gurus in the
> > > office just told me that I should have installed "everything".

I also get frustrated and irritated when i have to use RPM, dselect or
whatever, cause it`s new, it`s different and _NOT_ at all simple, and
i`m afraid to tell or think how complex it is, a whole distribution
depends on it. It`s more about the big SKY system taking over the world
and John Conner fighting with it :) Making the whole thing automated
without worring what`s going to happen if you change `this` or that. i`m
not a linux attorney, but i cant blame it for what you do cause it
simply works (for me, and i suppose i`m not the only one?). 

> > RPM is truly awful for system maintenance, especially when
> > app dependency varations kick in. And upgrading RPM in itself can be
> > a nightmare. As a newcomer to FreeBSD (though I started off using
> > SunOS 4.1.3) I love the ports system and upgrading by 'make world'

Do you read Updating, or match your osrelease string or you have a
install which parses it for you and then does the `safe-and-sane`
install. It`s not that easy, not at all.

> > from 4.6 to 4.7 was a breeze. FreeBSD still has a lot of features
> > that the Linux crowd is envious of. I have switched my server and
> > workstation to FreeBSD with no expectation of going back. I've been
> > surprised by the availability of such a rich set of BSD software
> > that I'd only expect in the Linux world.
> > > I love the simplicity of the FreeBSD text installation.  Even
> > > though I've been using FreeBSD since 2.2.5, and machines for many
> > > different tasks, I've only needed the "Standard" install.
> > >
> > I saw a great quote in a letter on The Register that said that BSD
> > is for those who love UNIX; Linux is for  those that hate Microsoft.
> > If there is a wish for FreeBSD it is that the developers don't lose
> > sight of what a great OS it is and don't become distracted by what
> > Linux appears to offer Windows users.
> All stand foru a chorus of the FreeBSD anthem.
>     ...erm, how does it go again?
> :-)
> > Linux is for  those that hate Microsoft

Not exactly i started using Linux from it`s early years, and I dont
think that`s the reason, there _IS_ a reason why everything would be
automated in Red Hat and other GNU/Linux distributions,
think about the TV and the remote control, is that any different?
Are you able to see only the bad side(stories trown out there from god
knows who). I speak for myself, and from what`ve learned from my
experience with both of them.

> I think it's more like that they were looking for an alternative, and
> they had heard of Linux, so went looking, found Red Hat.

Lol, interesting story - here comes the big bad Windows, trowing
off-board Linux and BSD.. not exactly..
> Rather embarasasingly, the first few months of using FreeBSD I was
> under the impression was it was nothing more than a different Linux
> distro.

Hm, you`re not wrong at all, for years i was trying to see what`s the
thing that makes *BSD (especially FreeBSD) and Slackware GNU/Linux so
close. Simplicity, stability.

it`s only my opinion.


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