Power management

James James at reftech.co.uk
Mon Jan 13 10:37:20 GMT 2003

> >Probably a mildly heretical question, but I've noticed the '-p' argument
> >shutdown, and I'd like to spend many possibly fruitless hours trying to
> >my freebsd box to emulate my index finger pressing the 'power' button.

Thanks to everyone that replied to this question, but I've run into a bit of
a stumbling block.  It *appears* that I've gone and downloaded the src for
FreeBSD 5.0 rather than 4.7.

Apart from the obvious warning signs (NFS and MFS_ROOT being complained
about bitterly when you try a Kernel compile) is there any easy way to find
out what source code exists on a machine?  Is the big caps lettering at the
top of README and UPDATE an indicator?  Stop sniggering, this is my first

In terms of remedial measures, if I can locate exactly whats gone wrong with
my CVSUP file, can I just download the src tree again, or should I rm some
portion of it?


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