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Peter McGarvey fbsu-x at packet.org.uk
Mon Jan 13 00:07:47 GMT 2003

* Julian Rawcliffe <julian.rawcliffe at ntlworld.com> [2003-01-12 22:59:24 GMT]:
> On Sunday 12 January 2003 22:06, Peter McGarvey wrote:
> >
> > I despise RPMs, and I dislike the wealth of options with the Red Hat
> > install.  Last time I managed to install RH without GCC, and it took me
> > two days to figure it out.  All the Linux gurus in the office just told
> > me that I should have installed "everything".
> RPM is truly awful for system maintenance, especially when
> app dependency varations kick in. And upgrading RPM in itself can be
> a nightmare. As a newcomer to FreeBSD (though I started off using
> SunOS 4.1.3) I love the ports system and upgrading by 'make world' from
> 4.6 to 4.7 was a breeze. FreeBSD still has a lot of features that the Linux
> crowd is envious of. I have switched my server and workstation to FreeBSD
> with no expectation of going back. I've been surprised by the availability of
> such a rich set of BSD software that I'd only expect in the Linux world.
> >
> > I love the simplicity of the FreeBSD text installation.  Even though
> > I've been using FreeBSD since 2.2.5, and machines for many different
> > tasks, I've only needed the "Standard" install.
> >
> I saw a great quote in a letter on The Register that said that BSD is for
> those who love UNIX; Linux is for  those that hate Microsoft. If there is a
> wish for FreeBSD it is that the developers don't lose sight of what a great
> OS it is and don't become distracted by what Linux appears to offer Windows
> users.

All stand foru a chorus of the FreeBSD anthem.
    ...erm, how does it go again?

> Linux is for  those that hate Microsoft

I think it's more like that they were looking for an alternative, and
they had heard of Linux, so went looking, found Red Hat.

Rather embarasasingly, the first few months of using FreeBSD I was under
the impression was it was nothing more than a different Linux distro.

Obviously now I know better.


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