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Kevin O Connor kevin at rainford.org.uk
Sun Jan 12 20:29:47 GMT 2003

just a though but has anyone on here ever looked at the K12 Linux terminal 
server project.
 It gives the option of server or workstation install so you can have NIS NFS 
Sendmail Bind and all the other goodies for a server or ditch them and go for 
a workstation install with PPP support. linux has RPM for package upgrade but 
we do have a utility in /usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade that does a similar 
job. I still prefer a text based system for install on the grounds that if 
you have to trouble shoot thats where you have to be so why get used to a 
windows interface that IMHO is not needed. mutters about HP-UX coming on 90+ 
disks and spending all day swapping floppies people these days have it to 
easy ;)
At the moment I think all the FreeBSD team are working on getting 5 out so 
maybe now is not a good time to start asking for changes to the install 

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