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Lou Kamenov lou.kamenov at aeye.net
Sun Jan 12 19:30:12 GMT 2003

In some email I received from "Kevin O Connor" <kevin at rainford.org.uk>
on Sun, 12 Jan 2003 18:28:08 +0000 :
> Looking at the features people seem to want I get the feeling that
> most are using it as a work station rather than it's original concept
> of a server OS.

I entirely agree with you on this point. Though i`m using FreeBSD for
productional server{s}/workstation/firewall/ test bed, basically
everything. Even the original concept of which i might be not entirely
aware, might not be right. It has to evolve , hence the concept itself
has to evolve to meet the needs of the generation(or whatever you want
to call it:). If i`m wrong, tell me so please.

> I don't quite understand the reasoning behind removing
> features from the default install, you don't have to install things
> you don't want. 

Hm, it`s enuf complex but not so `plastic` if i might say so.
Removing some stuff from the base distribution is not that hard,
however if you want to build a generic distribution without all the
"nasty" things like sendmail; bind or whatever.. simply.. "make
installworld DESTDIR=/my-new-root" and so on.. it`s not that hard, but
yes it wont be automated, infact it could be, but so many
ppl out there are using bind && sendmail (in this case) thay wouldnt
like the idea, same with NIS.
About the pkging system, there is no base pkging system(afaik), no
safe-and-sane upgrade or whatever.. that has to be fixed, some time ago
i had a discussion with a friend about the ins and outs of Debian(oh not
linux again!%"$£) and FreeBSD, and that`s where i got stuck updates &&
upgrades (safe-and-sane). How I do my updates.. reading UPDATING :)
Anyways if this is a wish list, i`d love to see a good base pkging
system, that will guarantee some more in the upgrading/updating field.

> One of the big pluses of all the BSD OSs is that you
> get a server setup that includes most of the things you need by just
> accepting the defaults and the bells and whistles are covered in the
> ports collection. 

I got the drift, indeed.
Agree with that, but what`ll cost you to press y or n on a few dialogs,
it should be an installation option actually, anyways..

> Solutions such as multiple default routes can be
> configured although I think that may be a contradiction in terms. Just
> my personal feelings and I don't clame my views are any more valid
> than those that want it changing. The only thing I wish is that
> FreeBSD carries on being one of the best systems around.

Indeed it is :)



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