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Kevin O Connor kevin at rainford.org.uk
Sun Jan 12 18:28:08 GMT 2003

Looking at the features people seem to want I get the feeling that most are 
using it as a work station rather than it's original concept of a server OS. 
I don't quite understand the reasoning behind removing features from the 
default install, you don't have to install things you don't want. One of the 
big pluses of all the BSD OSs is that you get a server setup that includes 
most of the things you need by just accepting the defaults and the bells and 
whistles are covered in the ports collection. Solutions such as multiple 
default routes can be configured although I think that may be a contradiction 
in terms. Just my personal feelings and I don't clame my views are any more 
valid than those that want it changing. The only thing I wish is that FreeBSD 
carries on being one of the best systems around.

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> Hey,
> It's not uncommon for activity on the list to be sporadic.
> Recently I've been thinking about what features I would really love 
> to see in FreeBSD. Firstly practical features like supporting 
> multiple default routes, and similar things which are currently 
> lacking, also fun features which would be cool.
> Does anyone else have any ideas for things which they'd love to have 
> in FreeBSD ?
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