Am I not getting mail from everyone here, or is it just quiet?

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Sun Jan 12 16:59:04 GMT 2003

Peter McGarvey wrote:

>What I'd love is to have the packages mechanism extended to include
>parts of the base system.  Then I could un-install things like named &
>sendmail.  Then I wouldn't need to compile useless stuff when I did a
>'make world'.
Yeah. This is a topic this keeps on cropping up on various mailing lists.

It'd be lovely if FreeBSD had a packages/installation system that 
offered a more fine-grained choice of what binaries from the base system 
are installed, but it's an awful lot of work and I dont think anyone has 
stepped up to the plate yet.

Having said that - I think the "libh" project was supposed to be 
addressing some of this. See 
but I'm not sure what the current status of the project is.


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