Invitation to the Next Generation Internet Lectures on IPv6

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Thu Jan 9 10:21:24 GMT 2003

On Sun, Jan 05, 2003 at 06:58:38PM +0000, Tom Hukins wrote:
> The FreeBSD UK User Group will meet on the evening of Thursday 16th
> January at the Star Tavern in Belgravia, London.  Anyone with any
> interest in FreeBSD is welcome.


Not that I'd want to drag BSD users from a pub(!), but perhaps some
of you may find the event below interesting, as it's in London on that
evening, some refreshments are provided, and of course FreeBSD is one
of the best IPv6 platforms around...

(the seminars wind up around 9pm, leaving drinking time...:)


Invitation to the Next Generation Internet Lectures on IPv6 and Reception

"IPv6 & the future of the Internet in the UK"
at Lecture Room 1, the Cruciform Building, University College London
16th January 2002  Doors Open 6:15pm Lectures Start 6:45pm

for Map of location

and afterwards

a reception at the Refectory UCL
by kind sponsorship of Cisco Systems

These lectures are organised by the UK IPv6 Task Force and are free to
attend.  - Please register (see below & website

IPv6 is a strategic technology for the Internet. IPv6 is now ready for
deployment making it vital that  network managers, content & service
providers, users and public services start working with IPv6.

Many countries are starting to deploy IPv6 including UK's major trading
partners and competitors. The EU Commission has recommended IPv6 and has
established a Phase II for the Task Force to promote IPv6 deployment
throughout the European Union. The Japanese are also well advanced and Task
Forces are being established in many major economies of the world.

These lectures will give an authoritative status of IPv6 in the UK with
information about the use of IPv6 for networks and applications. Leading
IPv6 experts from the UK and Europe will outline the key activities and
opportunities of IPv6 and provide links to assist use and adoption of IPv6.
Insight will be given as to the true status and business readiness of IPv6
in actual use and experience in commercial, academic and backbone
environments in the UK and bring information on IPv6 progress around the

Internet growth continues unabated. Out of a global human population of 6
billion estimates anticipate 1.5 billion will be on the Internet by 2004
growing to around 3 to 4 billion within the next five years as penetration
and IP telephony, ENUM and other media based applications take hold.

The current Internet Protocol IPv4 has a maximum address space for 4.3
billion users although in practice allocation and management inefficiencies
mean very many fewer addresses are available for use. Clearly we need more
addresses if the Internet is going to be able to grow as a resource for

An Internet Standard of the IETF IPv6 is designed to replace
the current Internet Protocol IPv4 to solve the address shortage on the
Internet. IPv6 also includes many features to simplify life for end users
and service providers with support for next generation Internet services and
applications on mobile, wideband and mutli-media content and bringing built
in end to end security as part of the Internet itself.

These lectures are the first in a series of activities of the UK IPv6 Task
Force whose members are leading the promotion and
awareness of IPv6 in the UK to ensure the UK is at the forefront of the
Internet age.

Who should go.
All those whose organisations use and at least partially depend on Internet
based services, or whose customers and competitors around the world are
starting to use IPv6. All those who need and want to participate in the IPv6
Task Force, including public policy and business policy advisors, strategic
directors and managers who need to gain an understanding of and leading
contacts in the IPv6 industry.

1.	Introduction and Chair
Christian de Larrinaga - Director UK IPv6 Task Force and Founder Chairman
Emeritus ISOC England
2.	IPv6 Forum and IPv6 Task Forces
Latif Ladid - President IPv6 Forum and EC IPv6 Task Force .
3.	Commercial Deployment of IPv6
Peter Hovell – BT Exact Technologies
4.	IPv6 in Academic Networks
Dr. Tim Chown - University of Southampton
5.	IPv6 in the Internet
Axel Clauberg - Cisco Systems
6.	Questions from the floor to a selection of IPv6 Experts
7.	Drinks Reception and networking kindly sponsored by Cisco Systems
at the Refectory of University College London.

Ends 22:00

*To attend please send your Name, email and Company/Affiliation to
ukipv6tfevent1 at*

IPv6 Task Force UK January 2003

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