Dimitris sehh at
Wed Jan 8 15:33:47 GMT 2003

On Wed, 08 Jan 2003 11:19:04 -0000 "Jon Schneider" <jon at> wrote:

> I've decided to buy a webcam.
> What does the panel recommend that is USB, available in the high 
> street and has the best chance of working on non-windows platforms 
> for both videoconferencing and more geeky applications ?

I couldn't find any drivers for USB webcams under FreeBSD.

I found a driver for old parallel "Connectix QuickCam" webcams, but Connectix
no longer exists, they've been taken over (by Logitech i think) and their
Connectix QuickCam only exist on ebay (plus its old technology).

Linux has more support though, i got a Logitech Pro 3000 USB, and it works great.

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