Manchester BSD UG: Tue 14th January

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Jan 8 14:21:52 GMT 2003

Sam wrote:

> Paul Robinson: Is there a picture of you we can put on the website so
>   people know who to look for? :-)

Yes. But I'm going to make it a bit difficult for you, because there is no
one photo of me with entirely in clear shot, or particularly recognisable,
especially as I seem to have lost a touch of weight since November 2001.
Spot the common component to all of these photos, and you'll know who I am.

Strangely, when you type in "Paul Robinson Manchester" into google's image
search, you get this:

Bizzarely, as my new e-mail address suggests, I am indeed now an employee of
MMU. I shall have to ask D. Maynard how he got my picture on my night off.
(I'm the one in the skirt, on the left).

Or maybe this is me:

Or maybe not.

Anyway, at some point both myself and Sam will get a clear photo of each of
us, and put it up on a website somewhere. It's not like people can miss me.
I'll be the baldest, fattest, loudest, heaviest drinking, chain-smoking
bloke you've ever met. People tend to notice me in pubs. ;-)

doesn't that just make you want to rush out and meet me?


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