Manchester BSD UG: Tue 14th January

Mark Fowler mark at
Tue Jan 7 16:22:41 GMT 2003

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Dominic Marks wrote:

> Perhaps we should have a sign or something

Bath Perl Mongers used to have a rubber duck.  London Perl Mongers used to
have a camel beanie baby, until we started booking out entire rooms which
made finding us a little easier.

Maybe you could all sit wearing devil horns ;-)  I'll do the best to
recognise you but if you guys could keep an eye out for people like me
staggering around trying to identify you lot[1] I'd be grateful.


[1] I forget that I'm going out quite often and don't put any contact
lenses in, so don't be upset if I can't see you more than three meters

#!/usr/bin/perl -T
use strict;
use warnings;
print q{Mark Fowler, mark at,};

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