I think I'm addicted...

Sam Pikesley samdavidpikesley at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 27 13:57:44 GMT 2003

Hmm, maybe 'sweat' on one and 'shop' on the other? 

--- Paul Robinson <paul at iconoplex.co.uk> wrote: > I
just ordered some NIKE iD trainers from nike.com -
> trainers you can
> customise to have pretty much anything you want on
> the back of them (except
> swear words and things like "Adidas"). I chose for
> the left shoe "SVR4" and
> the right shoe "BSD" (I'm right-footed). As a
> result, I think I need a
> holiday. At £100 a pop, it's not a cheap bit of
> frivolity either.
> Anyway, if anybody can come up with BSD/Unix related
> suggestions for my next
> pair, they will all be gratefully received. Just
> don't tell my bank manager,
> right?
> --
> Paul Robinson
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