Mailer Issue.

Lou Kamenov phayze at
Fri Feb 21 12:48:00 GMT 2003

In some email I received from "Abdul Salam" <abdul at> on Fri, 21 Feb 2003 12:30:27 -0000, wrote:

> Hi  Lou,
> Thanks for that. Here is the output of  host -a
> Trying null domain
> rcode = 0 (Success), ancount=1
> The following answer is not verified as authentic by the server:
> 30 IN A

that`s weird, is there any NAT/firewall/whatsoever, that might be blocking the connection, is it something like ? exmp. External(internet) <-> NAT rdr <-> Internal Mx (*a rfc1918 network) type?

aslo try, and let me know the results.

telnet 25 (if is the remote one, otherwise replace it with the remote one)
== helo smtp
== mail from: any at your.add
== rcpt to: someone at domina-on-this.server
== data
== heyhey
== .

> I can't see any problems with my domain server as there are 200+ domains
> running on that server. I have only 3 lines in /etc/resolve.conf as below
> search
> nameserver 217.33.nnn.n (My DNS primary DNS)
> nameserver 217.33.nnn.n (My DNS secondary DNS)
> I have another 4 lines in /etc/hosts as below
> ::1     localhost
>    localhost
> 172.16.n.nn
> 217.33.nnn.nn
> I can't see any obvoius issues in these files (Other than the first line of
> hosts, which I don't know what it means..!).  Please tell me if there is

it`s IPv6

> > > I think I got the state of tcp when sending a mail. It says TIME_WAIT >
> once I send a mail, while ports 80 and 23 says ESTABLISHED. But, where >
> could I change this.
> > 80 is http and 23 is telnet, totally irrelevant with the sumbject.
> >
> > when you`re sending email the connectiong between smtp <-> smtp is a
> stateful connection, that means you should see something like ESTABLISHED,
> when a connection is obviously established. TIME_WAIT means it waits certain
> after the connection is FINinshed, but still the kernel waits for some
> packets which might be left on the network for this TCP session. That means
> that your connection was established and manage to finish whatever it was
> doing.
> > it`s a "operation timeout" err which doesnt make much sense, i`d say it`s
> a resolver issue, check your DNS settings, check your /etc/hosts.
> >
> > hope that brings some light.
> >
> > can we have the output of host -a
> >
> > also you might as well consider *ad* +
> + vpopmail, you might as well like it.
> > i find it more efficient than sendmail, also it`s a very powerful tool
> when you combine it with sql/ldap/whatsoever, quite robust, simple and
> stable ;) */ad*



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