poweredge 2600 PERC4 RAID - HELP

Dimitris sehh at altered.com
Fri Feb 21 11:11:01 GMT 2003

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 10:03:31 +0000 n.armstrong at corpex.com wrote:

> I would like to install freeBSD on a dell poweredge 2600 which has a PERC4 RAID
> controller. It would appear that there is no support for this RAID controller at
> the moment. Could somebody please confirm that this is the case, or if it is
> possible, how I would go about getting it to work.

DELL PERC cards are either re-branded Adaptec or LSI (former AMI) cards.

Most of them are supported (PERC2, PERC3, /DC and DCL models etc). They
just work under the Adaptec or LSI driver, it makes no difference.

Have you tried installing fbsd at all or see if it works? I use a PERC 3/DCL.

PERC cards which are re-branded LSI ones have major flaws and should have
been re-called. If your PERC is a re-branded LSI then you might want to
consider flashing the original LSI firmware, though it might not help a lot.

The problems with those cards are VERY low 'write' performance.

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