FreeBSD and Firewire

Anthony Naggs amn at
Wed Feb 19 17:09:18 GMT 2003

In message <20030219120911166141.GyazMail.neil at>, Neil Ford
<neil at> wrote
>Can anyone point me at, or know themselves, something that tells me the 
>current situation regarding firewire support under FreeBSD?

Included in FreeBSD 5, as a "work in progress".

>I'm wanting to hang a couple of large firewire disks off of a FreeBSD 
>box, so nothing fancy (no DV support required, etc.).

Some people seem to be having success, others are struggling a little.

Most Firewire discussions seem to be on the freebsd-hackers mailing

"It's the sort of thing that happens.  It's ... er ... magic."

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