Co-lo server support required [FreeBSD & Plesk]

Serge -Intraforum- serge at
Wed Feb 19 12:22:39 GMT 2003


Sorry this is off-topic but there's no other place to look really:

I'm looking for FreeBSD specialist who can provide  *long-term*
technical support for my co-located server (running FreeBSD 4.2 &
Plesk 1.3, hosted by Mailbox Internet @ Fulham NOC).

The hardware & initial OS installation provided by FreeBSD Services
Ltd  (Paul Richards),  so not surprisingly this is most reliable &
robust server, I never had any problems with it, except occasional
"power cycles" @ Fulham NOC.

I can provide 100% hardware support as required, so it would
not be necessary to travel.

If you are interested - please email me off the list.


Serge Grant
IT Consultant
Intraforum Ltd

P.S.  What I think this would involve:

- General system health-check
- Creating disk image for quick system restoration in case of
   main SCSI hard disk failure (maybe adding IDE hard disk to
   keep the main SCSI disk image ready on the server & writing
   "SCSI->IDE daily disk image" & "IDE->SCSI disk restoration"
- Configuring UPS which I'm going to get & install @ Fulham NOC
   (just about to email Mailbox Internet for details)
- Upgrading FreeBSD & Plesk as required (or FreeBSD only, I think
   I can deal with Plesk myself)

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