UK (or European) BSD Re-sellers

geoff bagley geoff at
Wed Feb 19 10:23:40 GMT 2003

In message <3E52E2C2.9010708 at>, Andrew Boothman
<andrew at> writes
>I've been trying in vain to find someone within the UK (or even Europe) 
>that re-sells FreeBSD 5 CDs.

I got mine from linuxemporium.

>FreeBSD Services unfortunately decided not to proceed with their DVD 
>distribution due to lack of interest, and every reseller on the page on 
>UKUG's site have seem to have shut down or don't have and FreeBSD CDs 
>BSDMall seem to have some folk reselling for them in europe 
>( but they only have 4.7 CDs available.
>Does anyone have a good supplier of FreeBSD discs these days? Ordering 
>stuff from the US either costs a fortune or takes forever.....
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