UK (or European) BSD Re-sellers

Anthony Naggs amn at
Wed Feb 19 02:39:18 GMT 2003

In message <3E52E2C2.9010708 at>, Andrew Boothman
<andrew at> wrote
>I've been trying in vain to find someone within the UK (or even Europe) 
>that re-sells FreeBSD 5 CDs.
>FreeBSD Services unfortunately decided not to proceed with their DVD 
>distribution due to lack of interest, and every reseller on the page on 
>UKUG's site have seem to have shut down or don't have and FreeBSD CDs 

Cheeplinux don't (yet) seem to quite understand the difference between
FreeBSD and GPL Linux.  The FreeBSD web pages say things like
"CheepLinux FreeBSD is the GPL FreeBSD distribution made available by
CheepLinux in accordance with the GPL license."  (I have just emailed
them about this.)

However they do have the disks, and I've found their service to be very
prompt - in my experience always arriving in the post first thing the
day after ordering.

4 CD FreeBSD 4.7 - 10 pounds

2 CD FreeBSD 5.0 - 7.50

"It's the sort of thing that happens.  It's ... er ... magic."

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