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Mon Feb 17 13:45:46 GMT 2003

In an email I received from Jeff LaCoursiere <jeff at> on Mon, 17 Feb 2003 10:39:23 +0000 (GMT), wrote:

> It is basically telling you that this package did not come with a checksum to
> verify its integrity.  Not sure why that would be, but you can get it built
> and ignore this error by doing as it suggests:

That means that the md5 signature/sum/hash of the downloaded file didnt match with the one available in the distinfo file. (Actually it`s clearly stated in the error message)

I`d suggest:

1) update your ports collection via cvs.
2) Remove the downloaded file - rm -rf /usr/ports/distfiles/*downloaded pkg*.tgz
3) try compiling the desired port again. 

if you still have this problem, give us a shout again:)

> make NO_CHECKSUM=yes

that might lead to a secudity risk/atack/blah/blah/whatsoever.
> I'm sure someone else will pipe in about how it could have occurred in the
> first place, and possibly how to retrieve the checksum info manually.
> j



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