Alternatives (was RE: Hp TC3100 netserver)

Paul Robinson paul at
Mon Feb 17 12:47:16 GMT 2003

> A quarter of a mile towards you? :-)

More choice of food down here in variety (as opposed to fish and chips or
Chinatown), but there are some decent places over on Deansgate as well. The
point is, that spot is an
office-worker/soggy-overpriced-sarnie/scroats-begging-for-change zone.

Anyway, instead of continuing on this course of conversation on freebsd-uk
how about we setup a new global list for discussion of good places to eat
whilst talking BSD called 'freebsd-food'. Just thinking about this, there is
a load of new lists that could be created, but some of them might clash with
existing lists:

freebsd-drinks       for discssion of BSD related pubs/drinking (currently
                     as '-advocacy')
freebsd-alcholics    as above, but for those who also track -CURRENT
freebsd-CAMRA        on my Venn, intersects '-alcholics' with '-arch'
freebsd-drugs        intersects those on -standards with those on -tokenring
freebsd-gamblers     a mixture of people who like roulette, but who also are
                     -security, -ia64, -ipv6 and of course -smp
freebsd-prostitutes  I think the FreeBSD Foundation already have a list?
                     intersect with '-jobs' though.
freebsd-hamster-duct-tape -  Surely this would intersect '-questions'?
freebsd-crackpipe    This would be a closed list. Currently known as -core
freebsd-girlfriends  A low traffic list

Other suggestions gratefully received...

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