Hp TC3100 netserver

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Mon Feb 17 11:05:22 GMT 2003

> Its actually in the basement of a bank in the center of town (our
> DR site is
> in Manap, though :).  Not really possible for me to get access
> arranged in the
> timeframe I need.  I'll be up there probably on Wednesday.  You around for
> lunch?

The Telenor place? Ahh right, I know the place. Used to be Nextra, which in
turn used to be something else, and they bought the old Bank of England Gold
Bullion centre just off Portland St. Just around the corner from there is
this place:


so it looks like it's a real hot-spot for underground installations of all
types. I want one. :-)

As for lunch, well, I'm *always* available for lunch. Unless I have a
meeting. At the moment, the diary is clear, so can't see any problem. If
you're at the place I think you are, you might need to walk about quarter of
a mile before getting to somewhere I think does reasonable lunch. Unless you
like Fish and Chips of course. :-)

Paul Robinson

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