Hp TC3100 netserver

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Mon Feb 17 09:41:58 GMT 2003

> The really unfortunate thing about this issue is that I don't
> have physical
> access to the machine because it is in Manchester.  I have to make the
> decision to buy one or the other (a 150 pound IDE drive or a 400
> pound - and
> much smaller - scsi) before I get a chance to checkout the BIOS
> options.  I
> have pretty much decided to give the IDE a shot.  I will try a
> boot manager
> like pboot that I know can handle booting from multiple disks and
> hope I can
> make it all work.  If not I will have wasted the trip :)

Well, if it's MANAP I know one guy on this list who sits almost next to your
machine all day long, and if it's Telecity/Manchester Science park, it's
just around the corner from where I'm based. I'm sure you can convince one
of us to take a look at the BIOS settings for you if that's what you need.
I'm sure if there was someone on this list who worked at Telehouse Docklands
and I needed something checked I could talk them into it... :-)

Generally though, on HP kit, I'd trust what you've been told that the IDE
won't work. In fact, I'd almost put money on it. But then I put money on
whether the next three songs played on the jukebox in a pub will have a
weather-related lyric. :-)

What I would do, is consider getting rid of the SCSI drive all together. Get
yourself a huge IDE disk, install FBSD on it, copy all your data across,
send it up to the co-lo, get it swapped and checked, and off you go.
Although, that might not be ideal, especially if it's dynamic data on the
machine - e.g. it's a mail server.

Paul Robinson

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